We Are God’s Always

What caught my attention this week in the gospel of the Prodigal Son, was the fact that he spent what he lost so quickly. It seems almost instantaneous in the gospel. So what were the riches that this son was able to spend so quickly? Money would probably have lasted longer. The wealth that he lost was that of being a son. He didn’t want to go back to his father to be part of the family anymore, but rather to be a worker. With God, we are always able to return to Him, not as slaves, but rather as His children. Our value is in the fact that we are loved by God, we can only lose this by losing hope that He will accept us as part of his family. God waits for us with open arms and waits anxiously for our return. This lent is a special time for us not only to look for forgiveness, but also to see the value God has given us by loving each one of us personally.


photo credit: Art Gallery ErgsArt – by ErgSap’s photostream

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We Are God’s Always