Wall Climbing

We all have our sicknesses like this woman with the hemorrhages or the girl close to death. We may not be physically sick, but sin also is a sickness. We have to reach out in the crowd to touch Christ, or to have someone intercede for us so that Christ can cure us. God can cure everything, even the deepest-rooted sin. He wants us to turn to Him in faith, to meet his eyes, and know that even in our frailty He still loves us. The twelve long suffering years and a close to death experience for a little girl were the desperate measures that these people had to encounter his mercy and love. These sicknesses could have been a separation from God, but rather they we able to use them to encounter Him. Similarly, with sin, it is like a wall that we build between God and us. However, if we climb that wall and not build it more, it becomes a lift for us to God. God can convert it into an encounter with His mercy as He did for those in the gospel today. Trust in God’s mercy and may we take the time to recognize our sickness and turn to Him so He can cure us.

Photo Credit: Sam Judson

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Wall Climbing