Walk with God

Still being in the Easter Season, the readings give us pointers on what our attitude should be for this time. Christ arrives and offers peace and sends them to share their experience of Him. During the Easter Season Christ wants to enter into our lives in a new way ,as the Risen Christ. He wants to rise in us. When He comes he can surprise us. Sometimes He has to shake us a little to helps us to see it is Him. So we have to be ready for how He wants to enter into our life. When we are surprised by his sudden appearance in our lives sometimes we don’t recognize him and we take it for something else. But He wants us to see it as Him. All can bring us to him if we take it with peace and find Him in it. Christ can be in the challenges of life and in successes. What is important for us is to discover Him in every circumstance. His peace doesn’t mean that everything is as we want it, but our peace is in conforming ourselves to His plan. Then the last part of our experience of the Risen Lord, after having recognized Him and lived through experiences with Him, He sends us as his witnesses. This experience with Him changes our lives, it marks us forever. May this Easter Season be characterized by us recognizing the presence of our Lord throughout our lives and not only recognizing but living with Him and finally being witnesses to His love for us by the way we live.

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Walk with God