Touching Christ’s Wounds

St Thomas asks for proof of the Resurrection. How many times we ask God to prove Himself, or for that miracle so that we can believe. How many times we ask to be able to touch the wounds of Christ so that we can believe. Christ answers Thomas. How lucky! But He answers us too, but we don’t always recognize Him. Like the disciples who were all afraid and uncertain, we have our fears, uncertainties, or even wounds. Through all these, we can touch the wounds of Christ. Through our sufferings, whatever they are, we are able to enter the wounds of Christ. We place our wounds in His, where they are given eternal value. The peace that He promises is made a reality when we live united to Him.  We are able to see Christ in the midst of fear and suffering, and peace reigns. The light of the Resurrection continues to shine today, we must continue to gaze on Him and our encounter with Him is the means of healing our wounds.


Photo credit: Jim Devlin

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Touching Christ’s Wounds