dedicated to my kid brother

Why are you here? Where have you come from? I don’t know you, or at least I don’t recognize your face. I didn’t plan to meet anyone. I didn’t think anything out of the ordinary was going to happen.

Two threads cross—lost in the twists and dives of tapestry. Perhaps your thread will run parallel to mine for a time, sharing my experiences, sorrows and hopes, or we might touch at a point, double around the other, and go off in separate and new directions. My course has changed because of you and depends on you to a certain extent.

Have you discovered your role in the tapestry? I know my color, but not much more. Weaving in and out, at times catching a hint of my role in the pattern; most times lost in the inexplicable crisscross of the tapestry’s back.

Sooner or later—perhaps when I least expect it—my tread will be cut. Yours as well. Then I will look back on the tapestry and my thread in it. “Ah!” I will say to the Artist, “Even those times when I twisted and snagged, resisting your guiding hand—even then you worked me into the greater whole.”

And then I will step back from inspecting my thread to look on the entire work in its joyous splendor. May I see your thread and mine both stitched into a picture that shows but a glimpse of the face of the Only Begotten.


Photo Credit: Joan Baxter

As I live out my consecration to God and preparation for the priesthood, I am convinced in the power of the 'way of beauty' mentioned by Pope Francis in Evangelii Gaudium n. 167. To learn to see beauty as an expression of God in all things helps us to fall deeper in love with him. And there is no better way to give the faith than inviting others to experience its beauty.

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