Christ not only offered himself on the cross for our sins, but He offered his whole life for us. Christ invites us to offer ourselves for others. This is how we can imitate Him and the best way to bring God’s grace to others. At times, service can get hard especially when others don’t seem to notice or help us in what we do. No matter how much we love them it can get tiring and we can feel alone. This is when it counts. Christ never stopped serving. He never measured how much He did for someone and neither should we. When it is hard to keep going, we need to turn to Him and know that He will be with us as we continue to help. I like to see it as doing what Christ would do if He were here, but since He isn’t, He needs us to do the good that He would want to have done. He will never leave us if we do his work. We need to take the time to turn to Him and see how He helped us so that we can do the same with those around us; because the best service doesn’t always mean to do things for them, but to be there for them.



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