Rest a while

Summertime is usually when we get to go away and rest for a little. We all need a break from our busy schedules. Even Christ takes a break with his disciples in today’s gospel. He wants to go away with his own to rest for a while, to be alone with them. I think this is what vacation should be, to spend time with your family and to be with God. True vacation has to be vacation for the soul too, and the soul needs energy and it can only get energy through prayer and silence.  We need a vacation from the normal things; just a change in place and rhythm can be helpful in itself.  It would be good to take a break from media, internet and phones. I think it is helpful to separate ourselves from these things every once and a while. Vacation should be a time when we can put things into perspective and readjust accordingly. This is why we need a break from everything and look on our life as almost a stranger. I think this summer can be a great opportunity to slow down and to spend some extra time with God so that we can let Him be the one who guides us, because He is the Good Shepherd.

MK 6:30-34

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Rest a while