Remain in Christ

Many times we look at the saints and marvel at their testimony and say how holy they were as if it weren’t for us or as if they were some higher species, but Christ wants us to live as they did, and He tells us the secret. Last week He gave us confidence in Him through the image of the Shepherd, now He tells us it isn’t enough to just be part of the flock, but to have our only life source in Him. To do this is to be united to the source of all holiness and so we can become saints. So now we ask ourselves how to live in Christ. St John tells us that if we do what He commands, this means identifying our life with the criteria of the gospel, living a life like Christ did. By our effort to respond more and more to Him out of appreciation and out of love for Him, we make our life an offering to God, and so can live in him. Living in Him does require that we pray, but prayer is the offering of what we are to God, not just things that we do or say, but who we are. God wants our hearts, we can offer many things to Him but it isn’t until we offer ourselves more than our things then we will truly have life in Him. This is what will hold us tight to Him through the darkest nights of winter and make us produce the most beautiful fruit in the spring. This union with God is the only thing that can fill us and satisfy the desire of our hearts.

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Remain in Christ