Prayer for Corpus Christi

Jesus, you hide yourself in the host, bread become God, because my eyes are still too weak to behold your glory.  And my faith still falters in the presence of infinite grace.  Thank you for this gift of yourself, for choosing to stay here for me even when so often I leave you alone.  You are the silent presence of a close friend or parent who sits next to someone who suffers.  You say nothing, but you are there.  And your “thereness” pierces through my shell of numbed sorrow to show me that I am loved, sustained and embraced.

I don’t want or need visions when I have you yourself.  I don’t need to travel the world in search of a meaningful spiritual experience because an everyday moment with you, especially when dry and seemingly pointless, nourishes me beyond anything I could ever imagine.

You are Bread from heaven and you’ve brought heaven down with you.  You are Light, and slowly you’re curing my blindness.  You are Water, and it’s for you I’ve thirsted all my life.

You are everything I need and I all I could want.  You are Jesus.  And you are here.


Photo Credit: Ted

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