Prayer Cheat-Code

One of the most faith-shaking experiences for a believer is when God plugs his ears. We are in trouble and need help; we turn to God full of trust with a Lord, I can’t do this alone; we ask for a good thing, nothing crazy or totally miraculous; and we get NO ANSWER.

Man since the beginning of time has been searching for the answer to this dilemma: How do we get God to hear our prayers? Would you believe me if I told you I found the answer to this eternal question? It took hours of prayer and experiments, but I finally found out how to get God to give me whatever I ask for in prayer with just five small words. The patent is still pending, but I want to share the secret with you. Whenever I ask God for anything, I just end with the words “…if it is your Will.” It has never failed me!

Okay, I’m sorry if my secret was a little anti-climactic… but it is as true as it is anti-climactic. More importantly, these five words reveal an indispensable attitude behind them: everything that God does or permits He uses for our ultimate good, which is to bring us to himself, to bring us to Heaven. George MacDonald said it best. “God’s fingers can touch nothing, but to mold it into loveliness.” Like King Midas in Greek mythology, everything he touches, he turns to gold. He wants to touch your life, if you just let him.

This is key. Many people say “God wants me to be happy.” But really, He doesn’t! He wants us to be HOLY, to be with Him, to get to Heaven, our eternal home. And in this is our happiness because it is what we are made for. That’s why he permits us to suffer (permits, not causes!). We live in a broken world full of broken people who through their free choices hurt others, but if we trust God we will be able to see (at least in retrospect) that through these sufferings we are purified, sanctified, and made ready for Heaven, the Happiness of which all cheap, passing happinesses of this world are just weak reflections. What is a moment of suffering compared with Eternal happiness? We don’t exactly know what Heaven is like, but we do know that “No eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the human heart imagined, what God has prepared for those who love Him.”(1 Cor 2:9) It’s going to be good!

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Prayer Cheat-Code