Christ promises to send peace in the gospel. For most of us, this means that all our problems and conflicts cease to exist, and all is perfect according to the way we have it planned. This isn’t the peace that Christ came to give. His peace is more than just a “perfect” social order. He wants us each individually to have peace. Peace, which is to know ourselves to be loved and valued for being who we are, not for any appearance we have to put on or any expectation we have to live up to. Peace means that we learn to see things as God does; to know ourselves to be looked on with love, and to be able to look on with love to all those around us. Peace means that we see beyond the fly that absorbs all our attention, which takes away our peace and doesn’t allow us to see all the beauty that God has created.


photo credit: Niels Epting

readings: 6th Sunday of Easter, year C

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