Our God-Man’s Tears

 Br Patrick O’Loughlin, LC

Some tears are shed in silent sympathy,

As friends are wont to offer by embrace.

While others trickling down cheeks blissfully

In fact paint joy’s sublime emotive grace.

We cry beneath the neighbors’ thoughtless knives

That tear tears’ furrows through our flesh and souls,

Quiet I weep and shake my fist ‘gainst life’s

Unfair tall walls which frustrate my life’s goals.

What of the tears of God? Do they exist

In such impassive eyes, eternal seers

Of timeless human woes? But what is this?

Divine-made-man before man’s tomb spills tears…

Cruel lips of sin curling man closed from Heaven’s key –

God too is bound by free rebuffs of his Mercy.


Photo Credit: Jerry Worster

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Our God-Man’s Tears