On the Waters

Back when thy voice first sounded strong,

Came piercing through my plight,

Darkness! All was darkness!

And thou, mine only light.

Thou badest — I did answer and

I let the sail flap free.

Rope and oar forgotten,

I stepped and made towards thee.

The waves rose round my trembling tread,

My shaken, troubled way;

Tired, lost, unheeding,

Mine eyes from thee did stray.

The greedy froth about me bit;

Mine only hope a cry:

“Save me! Wilt thou save me?

Thou canst and cannot I.”



Originally posted on Legionary Brothers.

Photo credit: Bill_Liao

As I live out my consecration to God and preparation for the priesthood, I am convinced in the power of the 'way of beauty' mentioned by Pope Francis in Evangelii Gaudium n. 167. To learn to see beauty as an expression of God in all things helps us to fall deeper in love with him. And there is no better way to give the faith than inviting others to experience its beauty.

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