New Creation

God promises to make all things new in the second reading. Christ tells us in the gospel how He wants us to participate in this new creation – by loving those around us. This way we can participate in God’s new creation. True love, which goes beyond a sweet feeling, leads us to live as Christ did. By loving, we become testimonies of this new creation. Our role is to be a testimony of God’s love for us. Our love for one another becomes a testimony for the new life that God wants to give all. God’s love for us makes everything worthwhile to make the gospel present, as the disciples did in the first reading, only because they are testimonies to what already God has redeemed in us. We aren’t perfect, but God renews in us the possibility to have life in Him.  Love is the only path that we have to be totally open to receiving the saving power of God.


Photo credit: NASA Goddard space flight center’s photostream

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New Creation