Misery’s Solitude Silenced by Mercy

 Br Patrick O’Loughlin, LC


Miserable and Merciful first kissed at Bethlehem

While snowflakes hid their tight embrace from scornful eyes.

A scroll of mercy clasped in baby grip outshone the Magi’s gem:

A tale to write, a book to tell to hush her mis’rable cries

Not in one night, but thirty years, yet silent like that night.

Yes, silence is the loudest voice for such a wondrous sight.


A second kiss our Lord would blow in dustflakes, not in snow.

Miserable, torn and tumbled down by sin and tearful shame

Was kissed in silence yet again, a pause that shook the judging row

Of stony hearts – a mercy overpowering blame.

In saving silence down he bent and carved his hymn of love.

His silent love will save us too from quiet cross above.


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Misery’s Solitude Silenced by Mercy