Many to One

I guess this is a common spiritual experience for many of us: we already know that only one thing, One Person, matters, but then we have to actually live it… Head to heart.

I believe, but my belief
Is sown in little faiths:
Little pagan rituals,
A little pagan space.
Each idol claims my all
Like weeds that clutch and climb
No room in my crowded inn
A Savior’s light to shine.
I hope, but all my hope
Is cast in little dreams.
Drinking deeply from dry wells
Is less than what it seems.
A promise hands out words,
But words can’t cut my loss.
Verbum caro factum est—*
You proved it with the cross.
I’ve countless little loves
That pull and tug my heart:
Passion’s empty whisperings
Are tearing me apart.
Yet if I kill desire
With cynic’s scornful sneer,
Love is just a lurid lie,
A hoax without a peer.
You see, my Lord, how lost
I wander without you.
Nothing in this world can fill
My heart, unless you do.
Instead of faiths, give Faith.
And dreams with Hope replace.
Jesus, you are Love Itself
And God’s complete embrace.


*And the Word was made flesh. (John 1:14)

Photo Credit: Victoria Nevland

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Many to One