Ink, Time, Reality

I just got my 2017 day-planner the other day. Yes, it’s a three-dimensional, paper-and-cardboard entity that many would consider more than outdated. So what?  I’m still with one foot in the paper age. There’s something more “real”, more lasting, in the printed word as opposed to the digital. I carry my e-Bible with me almost everywhere I go in an undeniably convenient electronic gadget, but when it comes to deep prayer and meditation on God’s Word, I prefer to have all the pages there in my hands.  My Bible has been blessed—I doubt I would ask for a blessing for my Kindle.

So receiving the printed day-planner struck me with the reality of another year drawing to a close, of time passing.  Sure, I’ll eventually start thinking about a New Year’s resolution… BUT I was especially moved by the final page in the planner, where there’s a little calendar for the following year, 2018: twelve months in small print.  It’s the first time I’d seen it in physical format and it was special because, with God’s grace, that’s the year I’ll be ordained a priest.  (After what will have been over 19 years of preparation.)

In about two weeks, we will have our ordination of the 2016 generation here in Rome.  Next year, the 2017 generation.  I am and will be praying very hard for them, because the year after it will be me.  And I sure need people’s prayers—yours too!

Photo Credit: Paul Worthington

As I live out my consecration to God and preparation for the priesthood, I am convinced in the power of the 'way of beauty' mentioned by Pope Francis in Evangelii Gaudium n. 167. To learn to see beauty as an expression of God in all things helps us to fall deeper in love with him. And there is no better way to give the faith than inviting others to experience its beauty.

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