Infinitely Loved

The mystery of the Trinity is about the life of God. Christ became man to enable us to partake in God’s life, and so we enter into this mystery. Although theologians over the past centuries have tried to explain and understand the Trinity, the immensity keeps us at a respectful distance, requiring always a submissive act of faith. This experience of faith guides us on our daily struggle. Only with faith can we enter into the Life of God, which is at the same time His love.  To believe that God loves us is hard at times when all seems dark around us, or the cross is too heavy. The mystery of the Trinity is similar, impossible to understand, but yet, the only way to explain that eternal relationship between the three persons is in love. And so the only way to understand our relationship with God is in love. Just as God’s existence in a way depends on the interpersonal love, so our existence depends on being loved by God. No matter how dark it seems around us, or how hard it is to carry the cross, our only certainty that must remain is that we are loved by God.


Photo credit: Fr Lawrence Lew, O.P.


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Infinitely Loved