God’s Mercy

Today in the context of Lent we are reminded of no matter how many sins we have done God is willing to take care of us like the tree that hasn’t yet produced fruit. Sin is what kills life in our soul and stops fruit from producing. God doesn’t ever give up on us. His mercy is eternal. He looks on us with hope waiting patiently for the moment when we are ready to dig our roots deep in Him and produce the fruit that we were made to produce. In the first reading, Moses receives the command from God to free Israel from Egypt. Israel was in a sense dead with no hope of bearing fruit. Moses was the instrument of God’s mercy for them. God sent Moses to free Israel from their exile and lead them to the Promised Land where they could take their root in God and produce the Fruit of Life. This Lent, appealing to the mercy of God, we must let Him guide us to new life in Him.


photo credit: Erich Ferdinand

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God’s Mercy