God’s garden

God is the best gardener, and, as every good gardener, He knows that weeds and bad soil are the worst to get seeds to start growing. In the Gospel today Christ speaks about how He makes his Kingdom grow in us. It starts off as a seed but then He makes it grow to into a beautiful plant for his garden. The gardener has every right and claim for glory when the seed grows to be the beautiful bush. May we let Him work, by opening ourselves to living according to the gospel. Over the past few days we have celebrated Christ’s Sacred Heart and Mary’s Immaculate Heart; we have seen how the Kingdom took root and how God made it flourish in them. The passion of Christ’s Heart is the desire of build the kingdom, and Mary’s Heart is the place where the Kingdom found the best soil to grow.  We should model our hearts after them. It is a team effort. Mary let God work in her.  She opened herself to God’s plan in her life and lived according to God’s commands. She let her heart be conquered by God’s Kingdom and the fruit that she bore was the most beautiful, and it continues to bear fruit today.

The Kingdom is above all in Christ’s Heart, because the kingdom belongs to Him. It has already produced abundant fruit there. He plants that seed in us. But He not only seeds, but He waters and takes care to make sure that that seed produces fruit, as long as we don’t throw in weeds to keep it from growing. May Christ find in us soil ready and able to recognize and accept His seed, so He can produce in us fruit that lasts.

Photo Credit: Michael Heiss

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God’s garden