God’s Flock

Today we hear from St John that Jesus is the Good Shepherd.  But for Him to be a Shepherd, He must have a flock. We are his flock. How much confidence we should have in Him! We belong to Him. We are his. He isn’t the hired man, who flees in sight of danger, but rather he stands up to it for us and fights for us. He has laid down his life for us so we can have eternal life. But the protection He gives is about what is most important in the long run. He shows us the way to eternal life. The path may be small and hard, but it is the sure way if we are with Him. No matter what happens our only confidence and security should be in having him. If we lose Him then we have lost it all. He guides the flock through the thick and thin, some sheep may get lost seeing a green pasture around close by, but then the sheep only stays there, but if we remain with Christ, even if it means going through the mountain where maybe there isn’t so much greenery, but on the other side He will always guide us to where the pastures are the greenest. May we be led by trust in Him according to what He has taught us and continues to guide us through his Church which He has left for us to be united to Him.

Photo Credit: Lasha Gabunia

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God’s Flock