God is father

God is our loving Father who protects and guides us. He is the model for all fathers. When we go through the storms of life it is hard for a father to see his children suffer.  But on the other hand we know that when our father is with us we are safe no matter how bad the storm is. We trust that we are in his hands and he will protect us. How much greater our trust should be for God. The way that He protects us is a little different though. He doesn’t limit himself to giving us lots of human securities, but rather He gives us what is most important to Him. He protects in us His grace. So when we face storms which cause us to question Him or threaten his grace within us, we should call on Him as the disciples did in the gospel today and then He will stop the waves and reveal himself to us. He tells the waves, “You shall come no farther, and here shall your proud waves stop” (1st reading, Job 38:11).

God also allows the storms to come. We are never alone in the storm, He wants to face it with us and show us who He really is. He wants us to know Him as being all-powerful, our Creator, God, and above all a loving father. He wants to win our trust. May we not be afraid of the storms that threaten us, but rather face them with Him, hand in hand knowing that He will protect us, because his Mercy conquers everything. May all fathers today find in God an example for their fatherhood!

Photo Credit: Center for Adventist Research Digitalization’s photostream

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God is father