Gift from Heaven

When Christ was preaching in the synagogue, no one recognized Him. The Jews weren’t expecting anything from this young man who got up to talk to them. They tried to fit him in their categories. They wanted him to be what they expected. We too can fall into this mistake. If it isn’t like we think, it can’t be God. We try to make God fit what we want, so instead of looking for God himself, the only time we turn to Him is when we want Him to fulfill one of our desires. We can even arrive to forget about God, and just look for what He can do for us. God wants to fulfill the deepest desires in our heart, but only He can fulfill that. We need to feel a desire for God, not just things we expect Him to do for us. God doesn’t work according to our criteria, but rather surprises us with the unexpected. The only way to be ready for this is to live by faith. The Jews weren’t ready to receive anything from Christ; are we ready to receive what He wants to give it and how He wants to give it? God acts when we least expect it; only a life guided by faith can help us recognize the amazing gifts He has prepared for us each day.

Photo Credit: Procsilas Moscas

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Gift from Heaven