Christ meets the disciples, as they caught nothing. When we feel the frustration of not being up to the challenges of life, it is then when Christ wants to come into our boat as He did with the disciples today in the gospel. At first, He doesn’t solve their problem and almost seems to ignore it. It can seem that when we go to Christ looking for help that He doesn’t care about what is happening to us. This is because He wants us to see that there are more important things. He just wants to be with us. He wants a little bit of our attention and then He puts order back in our life. After they sat and listened for a little, He then gets to their problem, He invites them to do the impossible. And then He changes their life completely. He gives them a whole new perspective on fishing. He shows them how they can make their fishing worth something for eternal life. He takes away their frustration by showing them the way to continue their work, but even through the frustrations of not catching anything, they can make it into a continual encounter with Him and then share that experience with others. He is the only one who can change it, but we need to let Him in.


photo credit: gothicfeline

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