Forgiveness and Conversion

It is amazing to me to see how Christ works. The sin of this woman went from being what could have been the cause of her death to being the cause of her life. Christ was able to enter into her life because she recognized her sin. Her failure became the wound through which Christ could enter into her life. We can feel separated from God and unworthy to be in his presence because of our failures, but Christ looks on them in another way. He sees us and wants to renew us. God brings water to the desert (cf. 1st reading). Even to where there is no life, God wants to enter there with His grace to convert us to Him. This woman was able to encounter God on this day because she saw that she was in desperate need. She received salvation, but it wasn’t so that she go on living as she was, but rather to go on living in a better way. She was forgiven and now her source of life became Christ.


photo credit: Bureau of Land Management Oregon and Washington’s photostream

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Forgiveness and Conversion