Faith and Mercy

Today the Church celebrates Divine Mercy Sunday. We who are in urgent need of his mercy take a day to reflect on his tender love and care for us. God who is so far beyond us, but yet reaches down to us with his mercy. Mercy, which doesn’t mean that we are allowed to do everything, but despite our weakness and frailty He remains faithful to his promise to us. St Thomas’ experience of the Risen Christ helps us to see God’s mercy. Christ came in search of Thomas. This is what God’s mercy is, Him searching out the lost sheep. But we can’t remain indifferent to God after He has had mercy on us. St Thomas also shows us what our answer should be. He believed. Faith is our response to God’s mercy. God has mercy on us, and we adhere to Him with our faith. God will always have mercy on us, as Pope Francis constantly reminds us, that God never tiers to forgive us, but we can tier of asking for forgiveness. We are in need of his mercy, and He wants us to turn to Him in faith. “Blessed are those who have not seen, but yet believe.”

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Faith and Mercy