Today we celebrate the feat of Corpus Christi or the feast of our Lord’s Body and Blood. We celebrate the fact that Christ became man and has wanted to stay with us in the Eucharist. It wasn’t enough for Christ to just become man, but He shed his blood to create a new covenant with us. But it doesn’t end there, His love has gone so far so as to make Him want to stay in the Eucharist to leave no room for doubt pf his everlasting love for us. Even in our infidelity and sin God has continually reached down to us to cleanse us with his blood, so that we may be made worthy of Him. What a great mystery! This is what is most spectacular about God. He forgives no matter what, only asking that we ask for forgiveness.  Today we remember his love, may we take a moment to reflect on it or reread the liturgy today. How important it is for us to keep remembering. We often forget about others’ love for us. But Christ constantly shows his love. May we be more attentive to receiving it and receive it with open arms by turning to Him in humility and confidence. The Eucharist is God’s proof of love. Our only duty is to respond with faith, and to live according to this relationship that He has brought us into.

Photo Credit: Lawrence OP

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