Once again, we find ourselves before Christ preaching in the synagogue. Doubt overcomes his listeners until the point that they want to kill Christ. We too can let doubt in, and through sin kill the life of Christ in us. Even Jeremiah doubted his call. When doubt comes in my life, I feel surrounded in darkness and dirty almost. Honestly, I think our first reaction is to believe and to trust, it gives us a sense of security. However, times come when those securities seem to be taken away, and we doubt. In front of this reality, there is only one response, Faith. We have to believe, not all is clear. To walk by faith in our relationship with Christ, believing in our experience of Him and letting that be what guides our life. Many storms come, and doubt is constantly at our door trying to barge in but the only true way of peace is to close our eyes and throw ourselves into the light, of Faith in Christ.



Photo credit: rohit gowaikar

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