Come Holy Spirit!

Come Holy Spirit! When we ask for the Spirit of God, we are asking above all that He show us His love. St Paul writes that since we have received the Spirit we are able to call God, “Father.” God’s love for us is show in this marvelous gift of His Spirit who guides us, protects us, and purifies us to be able to be united to Him for all eternity.  How hard it is to let ourselves be loved, and recognize that we are loved. Pentecost is all about that. The disciples were united with one another, in other words, they loved one another. And they are loved by God, and God gives Himself eternally and entirely to us, in His Spirit. Life in God can only be seen as being loved by Him, unworthy though we may be, but not an unworthiness that separates us from God, but rather which unites us more to Him.


Phot credit: Ted

Liturgy: Pentecost 

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