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Where Arguments Fail

For Catholics wanting to convert others to the faith, evangelization often boils down to apologetics.  What arguments can I pull out of my sleeve to convince this person?  Apologetics has done much good for the Church during these last several centuries, spearheading the evangelization effort.  But if you think it will continue to do so,…



I will always hold the greatest esteem and gratitude in my heart for the inventor of the nightlight.  Maybe not everyone can understand the feeling, but then again, not every five-year-old kid has had an upstairs bedroom all to himself.  I had my own room on the second floor.   That left me with a tough…

Whose Image?

Quick!  Buy a cabin out in Wyoming; cut yourself off from the rest of civilization and start growing your own food.  The dollar and euro are failing fast and there’s not much time to make sure your family is set for the future.   In Europe countries are talking about going back to their own currency…


Operation iMac

“All-in-one design. Power and performance. Beautifully packaged.” These words advertising Apple’s most recent iMac could have been used by God himself. And they were. Let me tell you about it… God was looking for a way to communicate a very important message to mankind.  He tried sending it with the postman, but not everyone opened…