Blind Love

.Br Patrick O’Loughlin, LC


Black   Mist   Night

Breath   Word   Light.

Sweat   Sword   Dusk   Sea

Dawn   Staff   Waves   Free.

Born   Blind   Wash   Sight

Save   Me.


Unbidden those words came to mind as I hunched on my cane:

God’s great deeds for mankind hailed from the light.

Creation, salvation from Egypt – they happened at night!

Sunshine surging forth as daylight through rain.

And what about me?


Bah! Dash all those dreams for the darkness is clearly my lot.

Black’s my empty world, and whiteness? a thought,

While color’s a colorless, meaningless word in my mind.

Faithless, hopeless, loveless – God’s not been kind.

And why should he be?


Yet quickly surprise knocks the wind from my uttered despair –

Sightless sockets touched by hands swathed in mud.

And out of the senseless, dark bitterness gentle words flood:

“Go now wash your eyes, stand up from your chair,

Then come back and see!”


A fool, perhaps victim of mockery should I appear?

Blund’ring past proud folk who call, snort and jeer?

By blindness like nightfall a miracle fell from above

When for a first, still blind, I saw the gaze of love.

Its meeting saved me.



Photo Credit: popejon2

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Blind Love