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Our God-Man’s Tears

 Br Patrick O’Loughlin, LC Some tears are shed in silent sympathy, As friends are wont to offer by embrace. While others trickling down cheeks blissfully In fact paint joy’s sublime emotive grace. We cry beneath the neighbors’ thoughtless knives That tear tears’ furrows through our flesh and souls, Quiet I weep and shake my fist…

Blind Love

.Br Patrick O’Loughlin, LC   Black   Mist   Night Breath   Word   Light. Sweat   Sword   Dusk   Sea Dawn   Staff   Waves   Free. Born   Blind   Wash   Sight Save   Me.   Unbidden those words came to mind as I hunched on my cane: God’s great deeds for mankind hailed from the light. Creation, salvation from Egypt – they happened at…


At the Well

 Br Patrick O’Loughlin, LC   This body barely keeps up pace, my heart forgets its bounds, And wearied mind and muscles ache still far from far-flung towns. At this long journey’s start I knew the cost to pay, the worst To come, the hunger pains to bear, but oh what wrenching thirst! I stumble, stead’ing…