At the Well

 Br Patrick O’Loughlin, LC


This body barely keeps up pace, my heart forgets its bounds,
And wearied mind and muscles ache still far from far-flung towns.

At this long journey’s start I knew the cost to pay, the worst
To come, the hunger pains to bear, but oh what wrenching thirst!

I stumble, stead’ing my sunburnt frame against a stony mound.
Far down fresh water flows and pools unseen beneath the ground.

O Father, Papa, I am strong like you – that’s why I’m here,
Yet this deep well’s too deep for me, I can’t go on I fear.

And then arrives the maiden fair but burdened more than me,
Her heavy empty bucket bears façade-hid miseries.

Dear daughter, your life’s painful hole’s the only thing I need,
That’s why I’ve come, to fill it full – if not, why should I bleed?
And since it’s yours alone to give, “Give me a drink” I plead.


Photo Credit: Lawrence OP

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At the Well