Forty days after having celebrated the Resurrection we celebrate Christ’s Ascension. Christ becomes the stairway to heaven because He is is the only one who has come down, and the first to go. He is the path. Christ commands the disciples as he goes to share this message with the world. He wanted them to share how to arrive also. The liturgy today tells us how we too can do this. St Paul in the second reading tells us that we should lead a life worthy of the call we have received. We can bear witness to Christ simply by leading the life worthy of being called his. Belonging to Christ means imitating him, following him on the path we climb the stair case that He built with his life so we can encounter the Father. This journey isn’t about changing a state of life, but by imitating Him we make Him present today and take steps closer to heaven. Today, we can remember this event of the Ascension by being his witnesses and living a life worthy of being called his disciples a life as Christ had taught us; so that one day He can bring us to be with Him forever in heaven where He is with the Father.

Photo Credit: Nicolas Raymond

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