A Journey

The liturgy to me speaks about walking with Jesus. The journey that the disciples made with Jesus up Mt Tabor, or how God took Abraham “outside”, or even as St Paul tells us that we are on a journey to heaven. I think of how many times I can be like the disciples and just want to stay at the moment of the time when Christ appears to them in splendor, and forget that it is the same Christ who is with them on the journey up the mountain. Lent is like this journey. God wants to take us outside as He did to Abraham and tell us about the promise He makes us. He wants to take us up the mountain to reveal himself to us. We have to make the journey with Him. We need to take away those things that don’t allow us to see Him clearly so we can follow Him more closely. Let Christ take you this Lent and remember the fact that He is with us as long as we are climbing the mountain. At the end of Lent He will reveal His promise – redemption.


photo credit: pfly

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A Journey